Monday, February 25, 2013


I know you all already know this information but I figured I could blog about it... you know, so I can read about it later since I'm the worst journal keeper in the world.

I am ENGAGED!!! It was quite the surprise. I mean I knew it was coming because we had talked about getting married and looked at rings but I didn't know when or how. I didn't even know he had a ring. 

Background info: I often see the time 11:11 and always make him make a wish. Sometimes I make him tell me and other times I don't even ask.
So here is how it happened: Earlier in the day he had teased me about not making a wish at 11:11 for a few days so I set an alarm to remind us. (very sneaky) That night I made homemade pizza, watched a Jazz game (He is a huge fan) and played Ticket to Ride with his roommates. Sounds like a normal night so far, right? Then his roommates leave and we stay at my apartment a little bit longer. Then he says lets go watch a movie at his apartment. I agree and we leave. (its about a 2 minute walk if that) As we are walking home he is walking really slow and I ask him why he is being weird. He makes up some excuse about how we should make our wish outside because it would mean more. I don't think anything of it and say too bad there aren't any stars out tonight. We get to his door right as my alarm goes off. I tell him to make a wish, he gives me a kiss and then I ask him what he wished for, he tells me, "I wish that you will marry me and tonight I'm going to do something about it." and opens the door. (how did he know I would ask him what he wished for?) Inside are candles and rose petals on the floor. I instantly freeze and he gets the ring off his window sill, gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I quickly say yes!

He was so thoughtful in how he did it and I couldn't ask for a better proposal. He even had a roommate there recording and a few taking pictures. I was the greatest 11:11 wish ever and I don't think it can be beat.