Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Most of you are probably really confused since it is fall but since I am the worst blogger ever, I thought I would try to fill you in at least a little bit.
Since we have last time we have met there has been 7 weeks of summer and 7 weeks of school. I'm just going to start with summer for today,
During the summer I spent 3 weeks in Idaho
     1 babysitting my aunts 4 children (I guess they are my cousins). they were 10, 8,5 and 2. They sure were a handful but I enjoyed getting to know them more and having fun jumping on the trampoline with the sprinklers, drawing on the side walks with chalk, blowing bubbles, watching movies, and going to the park.
     1 at a family reunion in Island Park. That was so much fun. We went boating, to Yellowstone, to a play, and just relaxed. It was very nice because I had been so busy with school and work and sports.
     1 week was spent just hanging out with my mom and brother. At first I wasn't happy I had to stay because I was ready for warmth and to see my friends, but I'm glad I got to stay and see Paden before he left on his mission and see Faith get baptized.
Then I went home for 3 weeks. I swam, got a tan, my mom made me some cute skirts, I worked, I read 5 books and just really did nothing. I also worked out with my mom almost everyday. I love spending time with her and especially doing this. She made me so sore because I hadn't been using my muscles this way. She also has helped me eat even healthier. I loved being home but was happy to go back to school. Having a social life is appealing for some strange reason.