Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beach Bums With the Family

For our Koenig-Guisti family reunion we went to San Diego. I got some much needed sun but am still the whitest in the family, I guess that's what going to school in Rexburg does to ya. It was a lot of fun to catch some waves (on some boogie boards) and relax. 

Parker in his cute little hole

They can't move mountains... But they can move islands

Pushing the island across the lake
Victory pose!
Boys being boys
Fallen Leaf Lake with Tahoe in the back
On Friday, Kenny, Davis, my mom and I went to Tahoe. We went on a mile and a half hike to Floating Island Lake. Our originally plan was to hike further to Cathedral Lake but because I had a cold I couldn't breath very well and ruined that plan. When we first got to the lake, there were no islands in sight and we were kind of bummed. My mom even wanted to rename the lake. Someone noticed that they were all against the shore because the wind had blown them. Kenny and Davis decided to try and move an island... and it worked! We were happy with the naming of the lake, the islands just aren't constantly floating. The hike was beautiful.