Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Carlie didn't have class or work on Friday and it was my mom's birthday so we decided to go home for the weekend. We left Thursday after work and drove until an early hour of the morning but it was worth every minute. I believe it was a successful surprise. Only my dad knew we was coming and he did a good job keeping quiet.
It was a lazy relaxing weekend and it was nice to get away from the cold Rexburg. I loved how it was warm even though the wind was blowing. Making a birthday cake with my sister was an interesting experience. Playing games with the family (even though I lost) was fun. Seeing my little cousins was a blast, they are just so cute and say the darnedest things. Meeting my new aunt was also on the agenda, she seems very nice and fits into the family great. Can't forget about grandma and grandpa, they told their stories and fed us pizza. Over all it was a great weekend and it makes me want spring break to come even faster. I'm glad I was able to make a trip home and surprise my mom. I hope it made her day :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


Last night was a little meltdownish in Apt. 4. Boys, school, work and a roommate were among the issues that just had built up over time. Finding out that we have to speak next week was the last straw. Thats when the walls burst and the flood came pouring down. Someone had the BRIGHT idea to call our home teachers and come give the one a blessing. After getting over being embarrassed and realizing that it would help, she agreed.
It is great to know that these boys are ready and worthy to be called at anytime no matter how late it is. They are so willing to be there to help and want to do all they can. It was a good experience and I am grateful for the priesthood and that it is there for when we need it.