Sunday, July 12, 2009

Youth Confernce

Yesterday I was able to attend youth conference in our stake. There was about 90 youth there and it was a lot of fun. In the Morning we came in our Sunday dress, we enjoyed breakfast, had some get to know you games, went to four amazing workshops, had lunch and had a formal testimony meeting with a few musical numbers. Then in the afternoon we went to Lattin Farms and enjoyed the warm sunny weather with water kickball. There were also other activities but kickball was the most popular. The weather didn't cooperate so we moved back to the church for dinner, performing of skits and a dance.
I was on the committee to plan this youth activity and it was fun being the Co President. I was happy with the turn out.
I was very impressed with all of the workshops that took place. I learned something in all and each strengthened my testimony. I loved this experience because I was able to feel the spirit while having fun.
It is good to see all the youth that share the same standards with me. Strength does come in numbers and I think that these youth will be able to stand strong with any temptation if they stick together.