Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good Things

1. Family
2. Warm beds
3. Showers

Family Fun

Last week end was spent at Twin Lakes with my Dad's side of the family. Unfortunately there were only 2 of 5 of my dad's siblings, and 3 of 6 cousins and gramma and grampa. It was fun even though the numbers were small. The lake was freezing cold...but I was able to swim all the way across. I shivered for about 30 minutes after i was finished, and was cold until I got into bed that night. It was fun seeing cousins and kayaking.

The last two days I have been at a family reunion at Eagle Lake with my Mom's side of the family. The days were warm and the nights were freezing. The water was warmer than twin lakes but not that warm. 7 of 23 cousins were there and 4 of 14 aunts and uncles. Once again the numbers were small but it was still fun seeing them and especially gramma and grampa. Playing games with the family is fun even if the little ones have no idea what they are doing they just want to play because the big kids are.